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Programs for Schools and Business Schools

The Workshops offer fun and creative activities and provide the tools to tackle challenges, build a positive mindset, and use efficient emotion regulation strategies. The workshops can be performed in Situ or Online. Min 3-max 5 persons per group.

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Motivational Workshop
- On site or Online-

Life challenges can sometimes harm our drive and trust in what we can achieve. Despite the good will, we may face procrastination, demotivation, and lack of energy and interest. This can seriously harm our performance and reduce our chance of success, even for the best of us. To offer students all chances to succeed their studies, the workshop bring the right tools to build a positive mindset and inspirational drive.

The workshop will allow students to
Gain self awareness and understanding of their behavior and mind.

- Develop efficient motivational strategies and emotion regulation

- Get the right tools to set and achieve their goals effectively

- Manage stress and negativity efficiently

- Build optimism and resilience to be more balanced and stronger when facing challenges

- Learn how to find inspiration in their daily life and see challenges as opportunities


The workshop provides fun exercises and easy to use tools.

Group size: 20 max

Duration: 2 hours -4hours according to the group size and the needs

Workshop on Emotions

Curious about discovering how you function? Come in the world of emotion!

Learn what is an emotion and how it works. Discover how it influences our daily behavior and decision making and how to use them in your advantage!

The workshop is based on the latest scientific research in affective psychology and is suitable for all (it is adapted for  children with more creative exercises and less theory). It provides fun exercises and tips to learn more about the world of emotions

For Business Schools, the workshop can be done online as well.

Group size: 10 max

Duration: 1 hour for children, 2 hours for adults

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Resilience and Serenity Workshop
- On Site or Online-

Why is it that in front of the same hardship and challenges, one person will rebound, learn and grow with optimism, while another person will be overwhelmed, victimize themselves and stagnate? It is a matter of state of mind and resilience. Due to differences in the use of resilience, many of us accumulate stress, negativity and thus lose serenity and optimism.

In this workshop, you will learn

- How you can switch your negative thinking for a positive mindset for a real life change

- How to develop resilience and optimism that will not bow in front of challenges

- How to manage stress and negative emotions efficiently

- How to let go of what is holding you back and of all you can't control

- How to use your focus and attention efficiently to reinforce optimism

The workshop can be done in situ or online. You will be provided with exercises that will help you gaining self-awareness and build new patterns of thought and behavior.

Group size: 20 students max

Duration: 2 hours

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