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Why reading is good for your mental health + how to stick to it


While the consequences associated to failure are often negative, there is no successful learning without it. The human mind tends to glorify the successful result at the expense of experience and personal enrichment. However, failure teaches us just as much, if not more, about success than success itself. So how can we embrace failure and transform it into success?


In average, we receive more often negative inputs than positive one (8 vs 2) which contributes to negative self esteem and poor self evaluation. When talking about self esteem we often think about how we perceive ourselves when looking in the mirror, feeling low, undesirable, ugly etc. However, self esteem is more complex and understanding what it truly means is necessary to improve it.

Leadership is nowadays a much sought after quality. The era of "bosses" has ended as companies search for talented people who do not only rule but inspire, motivate and lead their team to great results. Leaders grew self knowledge to become who they are and to understand others. They progress, inspire, collaborate and develop others. Anyone can become a great leader and inspire others. How? By training emotional competences.


Consumer habits have changed. After going through democratization in the early 2000s, facing 2008 crisis, and experiencing "chinese bullmia" in 2010-2014 before setting reboot in 2015, the challenge for luxury brands is now to communicate their true value to voluble customers. With generation Z, the market has entered a new era where the rules were shaken, forcing luxury brands to innovate both their business models and communication.


This article reports results from research in psychology to help you develop accurate and efficient emotion regulation strategies.


Here are several tips for you to keep the an outstanding mindset, nourish positive thoughts, and use that special time to build self growth and stay healthy.

Luxury conveys values of quality and rarity and holds a particular emotional meaning. Yet, studies conducted on the impact of contextual information of luxury on emotional responses to products remain scarce. In this study, we tested whether contextual information, in particular evoking luxury, could influence emotional responses to perfumes, which are known to be powerful elicitors of emotion.

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