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Online Courses

The advantage of online courses is that you manage your learning as you want! You enroll in the program and follow through whenever you have time. The course is divided in several short videos that allow you to gain knowledge in a fast and efficient way.


As a professor of Behavioral Sciences in Business Schools in Switzerland and Europe (BBA, MBA, EMBA levels), I gathered key knowledge for you to discover and develop your leadership and emotional intelligence in a fast and easy fashion. Learn at your own pace, in 5-10 minute periods, wherever you are.​


This course has three main goals:

1) Build and develop your leadership skills and emotional intelligence.

2) Get the keys to lead a team efficiently and raise the team emotional intelligence.

3) Build knowledge to raise leadership in the organization.

Throughout the course, you will be provided with lectures and practical exercises to train. The course uses the latest knowledge from scientific research and business analysis.

The course is in English and can be taken by anyone, no previous knowledge is needed.

Videos total length: 1h52; 5-15 min per videos.

Optional Exercises: 3h

More courses coming soon

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