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Workshops for Business Professionals and Organizations

I am registered as Psychologist FSP and am a member of the Swiss Association of work & organization psychologists. The Workshops implement both knowledge and practical activities to tackle challenges, build a positive mindset, and develop leadership skills. The workshops can be performed in Situ or Online.


The EMOLEAD Workshop
-on site or online-

Become the leader of your life!

Leadership is nowadays a much sought after quality. The era of "bosses" has ended as companies search for talented people who do not only rule but inspire, motivate and lead their team to great results. Anyone can become a great leader and inspire others. How? By training the right skills and emotional competences.

This program provides knowledge and tools to develop leadership and implement emotional intelligence at the individual, team, and organizational level.

The program targets personal and professionals abilities to

  • Build and develop leadership skills and emotional intelligence.

  • Gain self-awareness and social awareness.

  • Develop efficient team building strategies and lead a team successfully.

  • Gain understanding about how leadership influences the organizational culture, the creativity and the innovation.

Throughout the training program, you will be provided with readings and practical exercises to train. The learning is based on scientific research and business analysis.

The program can be taken by anyone, no previous knowledge is needed.


Mindful Intercultural Management
-on site or online-

Globalization has pushed the boundaries of the organization, opening workplaces to cultural and social diversity. However, the management board often expect collaborations to be self-evident and turn a blind eye to cultural conflicts. Contentious relationships and lack of understanding lessen productivity and create a stressful environment.

To foster collaboration and productivity, it is important to promote cultural awareness and openness.

This program will provide efficient intercultural management strategies to:

  • Gain cultural and social awareness to understand differences in values, behaviors, and expectations.

  • Build mutual understanding and healthier relationships

  • Understand each members' strengths and weaknesses and build balanced and productive teams

  • Solve conflicts and promote tolerance in the organizational culture

  • Ease the process of merger or of working with international teams (remote/in person)

The program can be taken by anyone, no previous knowledge is needed.

Image de Sharon McCutcheon

Motivational Workshop
-on site or online-

Feeling low? Demotivated? Uninspired? Lacking of energy and drive?

This program is made to tackle motivational problems and build a positive mindset and inspirational drive.

The workshop will allow you to

  • Gain self awareness and understanding of your behavior and mind.

  • Learn how to find inspiration in your daily life and see challenges as opportunities

  • Manage stress and negativity efficiently

  • Build optimism and resilience to be more balanced and stronger when facing challenges

  • Develop efficient motivational strategies and emotion regulation

  • Get the right tools to set and achieve your goals effectively


This motivational program will give a shot of energy and will power to you and your team!

Duration: 2 hours-4hours, depending on the group size.

Max 20 pers.

Image de Guille Álvarez
Go Team _edited.jpg

Team Building
-on site or online-

Conflicts and sabotage happen often when working with teams, whether it is arguing with each others or practicing social loafing.

However, teams that get along perform better than individuals for creativity and innovation.

This program will propose easy team building exercises and will allow to:

  • Gain knowledge on team development and how to build efficient teams

  • Boost team effectiveness and creativity.

  • Enhance collaboration and mutual understanding

  • Create healthy team norms to raise cohesion and emotional intelligence

  • Manage intercultural differences successfully

  • Build trust and team spirit to overcome challenges

The program can be given on site or online (suitable for remote teams)

Duration: min 4h (depending on the needs and group size)

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