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Professional Ethic and Philosophy

Beyond the deontology attached to the diploma of psychology, I guarantee a personal and professional moral code and behavior.

Mission & Vision

I accompany you on your own personal journey with a non judgemental approach, authenticity and respect. To work toward your progress and fulfillment, there is no right or wrong. Each person is different, and each of us have our own flow and rhythm. I care and adapt to your needs and values in a non-judgemental way. I am only there to guide and support you in your own path, through your own work. Empathy, authenticity and respect are keys to develop the necessary trust in the professional relationship.

To guarantee that, I commit to :

  • Respect professional secrecy

  • Listen with respect and attention

  • Help in an adequate and empathetic way

  • Work with neutrality and discernment

  • Establish a quality professional relationship based on trust
  • Respect individual free will, beliefs and values


Ultimately, if my scope of knowledge and means are not suitable to help you, I will recommend you other relevant and trustful professionals

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